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   V4 Woodflooring is a family owned wood flooring supplier that aims to rid the world of ugly floors. Their innovative wood flooring ranges bring bold colours, new finishes and warmth into your home. All V4 wood flooring ranges are made using wood from well managed forests for your complete peace of mind. All V4 wood flooring ranges are PEFC and FSC certified .


   Ashburn Carpets Ltd is an approved dealer of V4 wood flooring. We can supply all V4 Woodflooring products. If you require a quotation for the supply of V4 wood flooring, please call us or click here.


   Below is a list of all V4 Woodflooring products we can supply.


  • Deco Collection -  DC101, DC102, DC103, DC104, DC105, DC106
  • ZigZag Collection - ZB101, ZB102, ZB103, ZB104, ZB105
  • Eiger Phoenix - PH101, PH102, PH103, PH104
  • Eiger Grand - EG101, EG102, EG103
  • Eiger Engineered - E101, E102, E103, E104, E105, E106, E108
  • Eiger Petit - E125, EP101, EP102, EP103, EP104
  • Alpine - A101, A102, A103, A104, A106
  • Alpine Hand Scraped - A107, A108
  • Alpine Wide Planks - A110, A111, A112, A113, A114, A115
  • Alpine 3 Strip - A305, A306, A307
  • Urban Nature Collection - UN101, UN102, UN103, UN104, UN105, UN106
  • Vittoria - VIT101, VIT102, VIT103
  • V4 Parquet - WB101, WB102, WB103, WB104




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