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   Forbo is one of the biggest names in flooring, worldwide. Forbo has manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America. The Forbo brand has been built on many decades of producing flooring using only the best raw materials.


   Forbo Flooring has one of the highest standards of quality in the world. All Forbo products are highly regarded by architects, specifiers and end users around the world.  When you buy a Forbo flooring product, be it a carpet tile, vinyl flooring or linoleum, you can rest assured it has been produced using only the best materials and the latest manufacturing machinery.


   One of the main flooring materials made by Forbo is the time tested Flotex. You can find Flotex installed in a large number of schools in Britain and worldwide. Discerning specifiers choose Flotex because of it offers exceptional return on investment. A floor that has been covered in Flotex needs a minimum amount of attention and maintenance. 


   Forbo also manufactures one of the world's most used flooring materials, Marmoleum. Marmoleum has had such a big impact on the flooring market that even linoleum produced by other manufacturers is generically called "Marmoleum".


   Below are some of the most common Forbo sheet flooring we can supply. Please call us or click here to request a supply only quotation. Our Forbo supply prices are very hard to beat. Give us the opportunity to quote and you will be surprised to see the cost savings we can offer when compared to other flooring suppliers.





  • Marmoleum Real
  • Marmoleum Fresco
  • Marmoleum Vivace
  • Marmoleum Concrete
  • Marmoleum Walton Cirrus
  • Marmoleum Walton Uni
  • Mrmoleum Striato
  • Marmoleum Graphic
  • Marmoleum Piano
  • Marmoleum Dual
  • Marmoleum Ohmex
  • Marmoleum Acoustic
  • Marmoleum Decibel
  • Desktop
  • Walton Crocodiles
  • Bulletin Board
  • Cork Linoleum
  • Corkment



Project Vinyl


  • Eternal Wood
  • Eternal Slate
  • Eternal Sand
  • Eternal Palette
  • Eternal Concrete
  • Eternal Smaragd
  • Eternal Weave
  • Eternal Contrast
  • Eternal Stone
  • Eternal Marble
  • Eternal Metal
  • Surestep Original
  • Surestep Star
  • Surestep Wood
  • Surestep Stone
  • Surestep Mineral
  • Surestep Wood Decibel
  • Surestep Texture
  • Allura
  • Allura Flex
  • Sarlon Canyon
  • Sarlon Pepper
  • Sarlon Nuance
  • Sarlon Linen
  • Sarlon Wood
  • Sarlon Wood XL Modern
  • Sarlon Concrete
  • Sarlon  Code Zero
  • Sarlon Uni
  • Sarlon Cristal
  • Sarlon Topography
  • Colorex
  • Step





  • Flotex Berlin
  • Flotex Calgary
  • Flotex Dakota
  • Flotex Manila
  • Flotex Montana
  • Flotex Metro
  • Flotex Metro Neon
  • Flotex Samba
  • Flotex Senya
  • Flotex Vienna
  • Flotex Artline
  • Flotex Spin
  • Flotex Pulse
  • Flotex Cord
  • Flotex Field
  • Flotex Vector
  • Flotex Terazzo
  • Flotex Bacteria
  • Flotex Wool
  • Flotex Kasuri
  • Flotex Integrity
  • Flotex Oslo
  • Flotex Palma
  • Flotex Penang
  • Flotex Samoa
  • Flotex Seoul
  • Flotex Naturals


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