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   Manx Carpets is a carpet supplier with tradition in the British market. Manx Carpets has been founded over 30 years ago when it started manufacturing carpets on the Island of Man. It then started building a reputation for offering a comprehensive range of quality carpets with an affordable price tag.


   Their carpet making experience and craftsmanship allows Manx to produce some of Britain’s finest wool twists. This propelled Manx Carpets to become trustees of the British Wool Marketing Board.


   The Manx brand has endured the troubled times that the UK wool carpet industry has been going through in the last 30 years. After going surviving several ownership changes, Manx Carpets has been revived into the carpet industry leader it is today.


   Does your project involve a Manx carpet? We can supply any Manx carpet at prices that are often substantially lower than any other supplier. Please click here to request a quotation.


   Ashburn Carpets Ltd can supply the following Manx Carpets ranges.



Twist Collection

  • Ashworth Heathers 50oz
  • Brunswick Supreme 50oz
  • Brunswick Elite 60oz
  • Castle Berbers Deluxe
  • Castle Berbers Supreme
  • Castle Twist Duke
  • Castle Twist King
  • Castle Twist Prince
  • Causeway Twist
  • Causeway Royale
  • Causeway Major
  • Elmhurst Twist
  • Elmhurst Elite
  • Landmark Twist
  • Landmark Supreme
  • Marlborough Classic
  • Marlborough Deluxe
  • Marlborough Super
  • Natural Plain Twist
  • Pandora Plains 32oz
  • Pandora Plains 40oz
  • Pandora Plains 50oz
  • Pandora Plains 60oz


 Natural Collection

  • Belgrave Berber Strata
  • Belgrave Berber Loom
  • Coastline
  • Designer Berber Level
  • Designer Berber Weave
  • Farringdon
  • Fitzrovia
  • Natural Shades Plain
  • Natural Shades Stripe
  • Natural Tones
  • Natural Textures


Easy Living Collection


  • Luxury Comfort
  • Mystique Super
  • Mystique Opulence
  • New England Super
  • New England Supreme
  • New England Ultra
  • Regent Twist
  • Regent Elite
  • Super Ultimate Twist
  • Texan
  • Texan Supreme

Eco Collection


  • Eco Style Plains
  • Eco Style Stripes
  • Eco Designs


Soft & Silky Collection


  • Silky

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