Georgian Carpets


Georgian Carpets are a traditional British carpet supplier. Their carpets are made of the highest quality wool and to ensure years of service at your feet. Georgian Carpets supply a comprehensive range of twists, velvets and berbers that have all been manufactured to the highest level of excellence.


   Georgian Carpets does not supply patterned carpets because they concentrate on supplying the best plain colours with the welcome addition of a few heathered ranges.


   Does your project involve a Georgian carpet? We can supply any Georgian carpet at prices that are often substantially lower than any other supplier. Please click here to request a quotation.


Ashburn Carpets can supply all Georgian Carpets ranges including the ones below.



Wool Twists

  • Georgian Hard Twist Super

  • Georgian Hard Twist Elite

  • Hockley Twist

  • Hockley Twist Deluxe

  • Hockley Twist Supreme

  • Middleton Twist Deluxe

  • Middleton Twist Supreme

  • Middleton Twist Elite

  • Royal Hathaway Twist 40oz

  • Royal Hathaway Twist 50oz

  • Royal Hathaway Twist 60oz

  • Shades of Grey Twist 40oz

  • Shades of Grey Twist 50oz

  • Triple Twist Super

  • Triple Twist Elite

  • Triple Twist Luxury

  • Triple Stripe Super

  • Triple Stripe Elite

  • Triple Stripe Luxury


Wool Loops

  • Berber Seasons

  • Lichfield Berber loop

  • Polesworth Berber

  • Shades of Grey Loop

  • Shades of Grey Stripe


 Family Friendly

  • Plain Comfort

  • Plain Luxury



  • Stoddard Denmark

  • Stoddard Finland

  • Stoddard Medici Wilton

  • Stoddard Norway

  • Stoddard Suffolk Berber

  • Stoddard Velluto Contratto

  • Stoddard Velutto Lusso

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