Burmatex is one of Britain's leading manufacturers of commercial carpet tiles.

Burmatex manufactures an array of carpet tile ranges that can be fibrebonded or tufted.

  Burmatex focuses on the design and manufacture of innovative carpet tiles that meet and surpass the needs of architects, specifiers and contractors that undertake projects in the education, leisure, commercial, healthcare and public sector.

   Burmatex carpet tiles surprise the user through their resilience and appearance retention. This has made Burmatex carpet tiles a staple product in schools all over the country.

   Does your project involve Burmatex carpet tiles? Whe can supply Burmatex carpet tiles at prices that are often substantially lower than any other supplier. Please click here to request a quotation.

   Ashburn Carpets is an agreed supplier of Burmatex carpet tiles. Below is a list of all Burmatex carpet tiles we can supply.


Fibre Bonded Carpet Tiles


  • Rialto
  • Overlander
  • Cordiale
  • Academy
  • Velour Excel

 Fibre Bonded Carpet 


  • 3230 Classic
  • 4200 Sidewalk
  • 4400 Broadway
  • 5500 Luxury

Structure Bonded Carpet Tiles


  • Lateral
  • Zip
  • Code


Entrance Matting Tile


  • Grimebuster 50
  • Chevrolay 50


 Entrance Matting Sheet


  • 7700 Grimebuster
  • 7800 Chevrolay


Low Level and Textured Loop Carpet Tiles


  • Tivoli
  • Tivoli Online
  • Infinity
  • Balance
  • Balance Atomic
  • Balance Echo
  • Balance Greyscale
  • Balance Stripe
  • Grade
  • Hadron
  • Textured Loop Tile
  • Tandem
  • Surface
  • Loom
  • Strands
  • Up/Down


Cut Pile Carpet Tiles


  • Origin


Performance Barrier Matting Tile


  • Armour


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