Duralay is a carpet underlay manufacturer with an impressive pedigree. They started manufacturing carpet underlay in the 1940's. From the early years, Duralay showed signs of being one of the world's innovators in terms of carpet underlay by producing the world's first crumb rubber carpet underlay. Not resting on their laurels, by the 1980s Duralay became Europe's largest underlay manufacturer and the world's only manufacturer of both rubber and sponge underlay.


   Fast forward to present day, Duralay underlays are trusted to deliver comfort and durability in a wide variety of environments. Duralay underlays are used in the world's best known hotels, ocean liners, cinemas, casinos, airports and in millions of private residences. 


   We can supply, often from stock, the following Duralay underlays.



  • Counterflame
  • Durafit 500
  • Durafit 650
  • Duratex
  • Heatflow Carpet
  • Heatflow Wood & Laminate
  • Multitex
  • Omega 10
  • Silentfloor
  • Silentfloor Gold
  • Solo
  • Super Mk 3
  • System Ten
  • Technics 5
  • Technics 6
  • Timbermate Excel

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