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   Whitestone Weavers is a young and dynamic carpet supplier based in Hartlepool. Whitestone Weavers specialise in good quality tufted and Axminster carpets with an attractive price tag. 

Whitestone Weavers design their own ranges of Axminster carpet that are produced on state of the art carpet making machines in UK and Europe.


   Following the acquisition of the Gaskell and Hugh Mackay carpet brands in 2004, Whitestone Weavers started operating under two new names, Hugh Mackay in the retail market and Gaskell Mackay in the contract sector while still continuing to supply their signature Whitestone Weavers carpet ranges.


   Does your project involve a Whitestone Weavers or Hugh Mackay carpet? We can supply any Whitestone Weavers or Hugh Mackay carpet at prices that are often substantially lower than any other supplier. Please click here to request a quotation.


   Ashburn Carpets can supply all Whitestone Weavers, Hugh Mackay and Gaskell Mackay carpet ranges, including the bespoke Fast Track Axminster Collection. Below are a few of the Whitestone Weavers and Hugh Mackay carpet ranges we can supply.


  • Barrington
  • Castle Twist
  • Cathedral
  • Cathedral Naturals
  • City Twist
  • Classic Tonals
  • Designer Collection Natural
  • Designer Collection
  • Durham Castle Twist
  • Deco Stripe
  • Durham Twist Super 40
  • Durham Twist Supreme 50
  • Durham Twist Elite 60
  • Durham Velvet
  • Designer Collection
  • Durham County Stripe
  • Durham Chic Loop
  • Durham County Loop Plain
  • Durham Lumley Loop
  • Durham Stripe
  • Durham Twist 40
  • Durham Twist Stripe
  • Durham Twist Stripe
  • Hassle Lux Heathers Elite
  • Hassle Lux Heathers Supreme
  • Hassle Free Lux Elite
  • Hassle Free Lux Stripe
  • Hassle Free Lux Super
  • Hassle Free Luxury
  • Hassle Free Saxony
  • Hassle Free Twist
  • Hassle Free Twist Supreme
  • Hassle Free Luxury Supreme
  • Hassle Free Twist Stripe
  • Inn Vogue
  • Kensington
  • Liberty Axminster
  • Lumley Loop Plain
  • Lumley Stripe
  • Metro Stripe
  • Natural Tones
  • Natural Weave
  • Nature’s Own
  • Weaverstone Twist
  • Pinpoint Twist
  • Prince Bishop
  • Safari
  • Tartan
  • Tartan Naturals
  • Valencia Loop Plain
  • Valencia Loop Stripe
  • Weaverstone Stripe

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