Kersaint Cobb


Kersaint Cobb sources some of the most inspiring floorcoverings from all over the world. Their floorcoverings are made of the finest natural fibres sourced from places like New Zealand, India, China, Africa and South America.


   Kersaint Cobbs’s carpets crafted with the greatest care and pride by artisans across the world. Their colour palette includes subtle shades and rich tones that will bring character and richness in your home. Kersaint Cobb carpets are made of fibre that vary from warm wool to exciting jute, seagrass, coir and sisal.


   Does your project involve a Kersaint Cobb carpet? We can supply any Kersaint Cobb carpet at prices that are often substantially lower than any other supplier. Please click here to request a quotation.


   Ashburn Carpets is proud to be a supplier of Kersaint Cobb carpets. Below is a list of all Kersaint Cobb products we can supply.



  • Coir Boucle Natural
  • Coir Herringbone Natural
  • Coir Panama Natural


Entrance Matting

  • Coir Natural
  • Coir Coloured



  • Fine Seagrass – Basketweave
  • Fine Seagrass- Herringbone
  • Fine Seagrass- Standard
  • Seagrass - Basketweave
  • Seagrass- Herringbone
  • Seagrass- Standard




  • Jute Herringbone Natural
  • Jute Medium Boucle
  • Jute Panama Natural




  • Sisal Big Boucle
  • Sisal Boucle Artist
  • Sisal Fine Boucle
  • Sisal Herringbone
  • Sisal Linen
  • Sisal Mini Boucle
  • Sisal Panama
  • Sisal Tigers Eye
  • Morocco Runners




  • Adventures
  • African Plains
  • Beach Hut Stripe
  • Caribbean Nights
  • Classics
  • Cotswold House Collection
  • Country Herbs
  • New Worlds
  • Orient Express
  • Pampas Berber Loop
  • Pampas Boucle
  • Pampas Herringbone
  • Pampas Knitted
  • Pampas London
  • Pampas Nordic
  • Pampas Nordic Stripe
  • Pampas Nordic Elite
  • Savannah Milan
  • South Pacific
  • Silk Touch
  • Seasilk

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