Polyflor manufactures some of the best safety vinyl flooring in the world. Their products are installed in all kinds of properties, from schools to hospitals and restaurant kitchens. Polyflor's vinyl flooring is also largely used in domestic properties in the form of luxury vinyl tiles and shower room flooring.


   Polyflor manufactures all their products at highest standards of quality, as demanded by the millions of customers they serve around the world.


  We can supply all sheet or tile Polyflor flooring material. Below is a list of all Polyflor ranges we carry.


  • Pearlazzo PUR
  • Prestige PUR
  • Mystique PUR
  • Classic Mystique PUR
  • 2000 PUR
  • XL PU
  • Standard XL
  • Polysafe Arena PUR
  • Polysafe Modena PUR
  • Polysafe Wood FX PUR
  • Expona Control Wood PUR
  • Expona Control Stone PUR
  • Polysafe Mosaic PUR
  • Polysafe Corona PUR
  • Polysafe Astral PUR
  • Polysafe Vogue Ultra PUR
  • Polysafe Standard PUR
  • Polysafe Strata
  • Polysafe Hydro
  • Polysafe Hydro Evolve
  • Polysafe Ultima
  • Polysafe Wood FX Acoustix PUR
  • Polysafe Ecomax
  • Expona Commercial Wood PUR
  • Expona Commercial Stone and Effect PUR
  • Colonia Wood PUR
  • Colonia Stone PUR
  • Camaro Wood PUR
  • Bevel Line Wood PUR
  • Bevel Line Stone PUR
  • Forest fx PUR
  • Secura Wood
  • Secura Stone and Abstract
  • Acoustix Forest fx PUR
  • Acoustix Gallery fx PUR
  • SimpLay Wood PUR
  • SimpLay Stone and Textile PUR
  • SD
  • EC
  • Finesse SD
  • Finesse EC
  • Sport 67
  • Polyflex Plus PU
  • SaarFlor Diamant
  • SaarFlor Stud Tile
  • Polyclad Pro PU
  • Polyclad Plus PU





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