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   Heckmondwike FB is the UK’s leading manufacturer of heavy contract fibre bonded carpet and carpet tiles. They have been at the forefront of the fibre bonded carpet industry for over 40 years. Heckmondwike’s carpets can be found in almost every school in the country.


   Heckmondwike FB can cater for your every need when it comes to carpet and entrance matting. Whatever the project, be it a school, office building, hospital, library, museum or communal area in a block of flats, Heckmondwike FB will have a product that meets your requirements.


   Does your project involve a Heckmondwike carpet or carpet tile? We can supply any Heckmondwike carpet at prices that are often substantially lower than any other supplier. Please click here to request a quotation.


   We can supply all the Heckmondwike carpets, carpet tiles and entrance matting listed below.


Fibre Bonded


  • Supacord

  • Broadrib

  • Wellington Velour

  • Conqueror

  • Hobnail

  • Iron Duke


Creative Flooring


  • Montage


Entrance matting


  • Battleship

  • Hippo

  • Dreadnought

  • Vanquisher

  • Diamond

  • Zephir

  • Conqueror


Care Range – Tufted Carpet


  • Pure Care

  • Total Care

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